The following articles can be ordered:

#1 The Functional Architecture of Human Motivation: Personality System Interactions Theory  (2020)

#2  A Functional-Design Approach to Motivation and Self-Regulation ( PSI-Theory)

#3  The volitional basis of Personality Systems Interaction Theory: applications in learning and treatment    
       contexts (J. Kuhl: engl. Darstellung der PSI-Theorie einschl. Interaktionsdynamik der Systeme)

#4  Motivational counseling in an extended functional context: Personality systems interaction theory and
       assessment (R. Kaschel & Kuhl)

#5  Adaptive and Maladaptive Pathways of Self-Development: Mental Health and Interactions Among
       Personality Systems (J. Kuhl)

#6  A Theory of Self-Development: Affective Fixation and the STAR Model of Personality Disorders and
      Related Styles (J. Kuhl)

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